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Jobs-station.com is a Malaysia Internet Recruitment website, designed to be simple to use and to assist in the job finding task. This web portal offers jobs for jobseeker in Malaysia to look for their next contract or permanent job. If you are looking for a full time, part time or contract position in Malaysia, we can help. Post your latest resume for FREE and you can search for jobs from our searching features with listed categories. We will update you on the job matches via daily or weekly emails alerts.

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• Create online resume and receive job matches via daily or weekly emails.
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• Jobs-station.com is a Malaysia internet recruitment websites designed to be simple to use.
• Jobs advertising medium, your requirements directed at pre-qualified audience.
• All memberships allow to unlimited searches and access to our resumes database and post jobs online for FREE.
• Instant improvements in hiring efficiency and reducing hiring expenses.
• Create email alerts to be notified a new resumes.
• For more information about our services please contact us at sales@Jobs-station.com