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b-cause, Inc. provides translation service from English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and other major languages into Japanese, as well as translation from Japanese into other foreign languages. b-cause features over 50,000 registered native speakers both in Japan and around the world. We can handle the wide range of language needs of our customers -- everything from English and other major languages to Kazakh and other rare languages. From general text to specialized documents, your translation is handled by staff specialized in that field. We use native translators for every language to ensure that delicate nuances inherent to each language are properly expressed. And full-time staff at our global affiliates are always standing by to provide quick, accurate, quality translations in all major languages.
HR Executive
(Aichi-ken, Japan , Abroad )
Job Descriptions

Job Requirement: 

- Interested to work in Tokyo/Aichi-ken, Japan. 
- Native English Speaker or Nationality of Israeli.

 Job type: Permanent/Full Time. 
Work place: Aichi-ken, Japan   
Specific work content: 
We are actively recruiting foreign talented people to prepare for future overseas business expansion.  

After joining the company, Company will provide require training.

Job Description / Responsibility:

  • To implement the core HR practices under company policy, to ensure professional HR services and update it as per requirement.
  • Regular administrative work that includes daily attendance, leave, safety, recruitment, Legal & Corporate affairs.
  • To visit different units regularly to handle and ensure company's administration issues.
  • Any other tasks assigned by management

Academic Qualification: 

Bachelor degree. New graduate are highly encouraged to apply for those who are not experienced.   
Working hours: 08: 15 ~ 17: 30 
(Saturdays and Sundays), holidays, summer holidays, 
New Year's holidays, annual paid leave, special leave ※ With our calendar   
 • English business level, Japanese business level. 
 • Able to respond flexibly without sticking to Japan or abroad. 
 • Ready to accept Challenge & Committed to follow company rules & regulation.

【Possible conditions】
• Good Personality with having constantly smiling attitude will be preferable. 
• People who have good skill to convince people & Problem solving capability. 
• People who have good communication skill to work with overseas. 
• Those who can think systematically & strategically.     



How to Apply:

Please send your CV to:


For those interested applicants, please register with the HI WORK registration to continue the process:


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b-cause Inc.
6014, Mandaue City

Employment Type
: Full Time
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: 1
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