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Intellect Minds is a Singapore-based company since 2008, specializing in talent acquisition, application development, and training.We serve BIG MNCs and well-known clients in talent acquisition, application development, and training needs for Singapore,Malaysia, Brunei,Vietnam and Thailand.
Front End Developer
( Kul. Lumpur )
Job Descriptions

Company Overview

Intellect Minds is a Singapore-based company since 2008, specializing in talent acquisition, application development, and training. We serve BIG MNCs and well-known clients in talent acquisition, application development, and training needs for Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and Thailand.

Our client is an establish company a, leader within their industry, is now looking for a Front End Developer to join their esteemed organization.

Job Requirements

1. Role Details
Job Role Title Senior Software Engineer – Front
End Development
Range S05
Practice Software Engineering
Function Engineering Version 0.1

2. Role Purpose
The Senior Software Engineer is responsible to apply engineering to the design, development,
implementation, testing and maintenance of software in a systematic manner.
The Senior Software Engineer will work in a team with architect, scrum master, testers, software
engineers, project manager to deliver a technical system/solution. While working as part of a
development team, the Senior Software Engineer shall provide technical leadership on technical
decision or development practice, coaching the junior engineers and assisting development team lead
on Scrum ceremonies.

3. Common Role Accountabilities
The Senior Software Engineer:
• Participate in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle – Design, Development, Testing,
Deployment, post Deployment maintenance.
• Provide technical leadership to the development team
• Able to work independently, proposing viable technical solutions through self-study and in-depth
understanding of the existing code base
• Produces or validates the schedule and effort estimate for each task they perform, commit to the
assigned task
• Demonstrates an understanding of the importance of schedule and will endeavour to estimate
accurately and deliver according to those estimates
• Demonstrates maturity, skill and adeptness in team collaboration, technical discussion and

Continually improve personal understanding of the programming languages, frameworks,
technical concepts, methods and measurements that underpin the Engineering disciplines and
practices of BAE Systems.
• Demonstrates the ability to understand, challenge, contribute or construct software specification
and is capable of building software in line with the specifications
• Exploits appropriate software development methods, languages, libraries and techniques and
applies these to software engineering tasks to realise the most effective outcome
• Ensures that all work is consistent with defined standards where standards exist and to withstand
professional scrutiny in any case
• Ensures that high quality and delivery standards are met and consistently delivers quality code on
time and within estimate.
• Demonstrates the ability to reflect on and improve personal performance

4. Level-Specific Accountabilities
Depending on the particular job being performed, seniority and experience a software engineer
may typically have a range of these specific accountabilities.
Core Engineering – top-level accountabilities
• Designs, codes, tests, correct and documents large and/or complex programs and program
modifications from supplied specifications using agreed standards and tools, to achieve a wellengineered
result. Takes part in reviews of own work and leads reviews of colleagues' work
• Drive the good development practices such as code refactoring, unit testing, code review…etc.
• Works closely with other teams in the lifecycle (e.g. build, operations, testing) to ensure that the
delivery of software is coherent within the overall pipeline
Expert Technologist accountabilities
• Demonstrates a high productivity of design, code and unit test
• Recognized as the expert and point of contact for at least one key software component or
• Defines and leads the direction of implementation technology in a complete technology area (for
example Java or Microsoft)
Delivery/lifecycle management accountabilities
• Sets standards for programming tools and techniques, advises on their application and ensures
compliance. Takes technical responsibility for all stages in the software development process.
Prepares project and quality plans and advises systems development teams. Provides advice,
guidance and assistance to less experienced colleagues as required.

5. Key competencies
• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/IT/Computer Science
• 7 to 10 years of experience in IT/Software industry
• At least 2 years of hands-on development experience in ReactJS and AngularJS

• Essential to master one programming languages with in-depth knowledge and related
framework technologies
• Java: Core Java, J2EE, J2EE Application Servers, Spring/Strut/Hibernate…etc
• Front-End: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, ES5, AngularJS/Backbone/jQuery/React
• Good exposure of every level of SDLC including requirement gathering, analysis, design,
development, testing, deployment and support
• Able to work independently, drive technical decision and propose viable technical solutions
• Excellent programming and debugging skills
• Good communication skills and team player
• Experience in traditional waterfall or agile methodology
Experience in a big/complex projects with 10-20 team size
• Experience to build solution from scratch or implemented/built software libraries/framework from
Security Clearance is required for this vacancy. If you are not currently Security Cleared, you will need to be eligible
for this and willing to go through the process. For more guidance on National Security Vetting please click here

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Interested applicants are invited to write-in / fax-in / email with comprehensive resume including current and expected salary to:

level 14-02, 199, jalan tun ra
50400, kuala lumpur
kuala lumpur


Job Ref.
: Intellect-Minds – Kuala Lump
Employment Type
: Any Type
No of Vacancies
: 1
Min. Qualification
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