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Intellect Minds is a Singapore-based company since 2008, specializing in talent acquisition, application development, and training.We serve BIG MNCs and well-known clients in talent acquisition, application development, and training needs for Singapore,Malaysia, Brunei,Vietnam and Thailand.
Product Engineer BI Cognos
( Kul. Lumpur )
Job Descriptions

Company Overview

Intellect Minds is a Singapore-based company since 2008, specializing in talent acquisition, application development, and training. We serve BIG MNCs and well-known clients in talent acquisition, application development, and training needs for Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and Thailand.

Our client is an establish company a, leader within their industry, is now looking for a Product Engineer BI Cognos to join their esteemed organization.

Job Requirements

ob Description:

Role Profile

1. Basic Role Details
Role BI Product Engineer
Grade Range S06
Practice Version 1

2. Role Purpose
BI Product Engineers operate, change and grow our BI capability that has either been developed, customized or configured to add value to the customer. This is a multi-functional role that works with a BI Product Team to deliver business value through a Cognos capability using optimized-flow delivery models based on Agile practices such as Scrum and Kanban.

BI Product Engineers will be involved in supporting users, defining new features and functionality and implementing change under the guidance and servant leadership of the BI Product Owner, BI Product Architect and BI Product Deliveryt Lead. BI Product Engineers will work in a highly collaborative, visible and measured environment and will stimulate experimentation, innovation and continuous improvement.

BIProduct Engineers will have a deep understanding of Cognos and BI development and how it is configured for the business, they will live and breathe the Agile manifesto and will use processes, tools and culture to continuously improve what they do and how they work for the delight of the customer. Adding value everyday will be a key goal.

3. Common Role Accountabilities

The BI Product Engineer will
• Have accountability for developing, configuring & supporting all aspects of our Cognos estate
• Adhere to Standards and Legislation
• Provide product and service direction to the Product Management Team and implement these as part of a self-organising team
• Review establish and adhere to appropriate governance and configuration control
• Driving issue resolution and resolve underpinning problems
• Work with customers to introduce innovation and evolve our BI capability
• Have significant understanding a specific scope, functional capability or module and how this interfaces with the other components of the system.
• Have understanding of a secondary functional capability or module
• Work with suppliers, customer, team members and industry peers to continuously improve delivery
• Document technical business requirements /problems into format that business can understand
• Contribute to protecting the Cognos BI Estate from technical debt and process debt
• A working foundation in process frameworks like ITIL, Prince2 and Agile with experience in executing these in a highly automotive, high velocity output and consistently changing operational environment

Product Engineer will also bring:
• Influence and advise on how the BI product should be built and supported
• Collaborative, team focussed and fun environment
• Imagination and experimentation
• A strong understanding and appreciation of the ‘consumer’ perspective – you’ll know what they expect from BI and what they’ll need even before they do. We are expecting an awareness of the changing pace and individual-centric design of BI in the market place and that you’ll apply these to our Cognos estate
• An eagerness to learn enough about BI and its roadmap
• You need to be able to see the end-to-end system, understand constraints and bottlenecks and be able to work out how process can be simplified, interactions can be automated and through mastery, how the system can become highly efficient in both delivery and support.
• There may be a little bit of an obsession when it comes to the configuration control, ergonomics and aesthetics, user experience and customer perception of our BI Estate. You need to set the standards.

4. Grade/Level Specific Accountabilities

5. Typical Knowledge, Skills and Technology Requirements
The typical skills and technology required for this role include:
Knowledge Skills Technology
• Strong understanding of ETL & SQL development and how it works
• Knows how to build and support our Cognos estate
• Knows how to work in high performance teams and be results-orientated
• Knows how to focus on specific tasks and be determined to get them resolved on time to a high quality • ETL & Report Development
• Test
• Data Modelling
• Release
• Support
• Ergonomic and User-Centric Design
• Governance and Control
• Motivation
• Service Operations
• Product Management
• Self-Learning
• Follower of SOLID principles • Strong in ETL Development using Data Manager or SSIS
• Strong Framework Modelling and Cube design
• Report development and visualisation
• Use of Kanban Boards or Software Lifecycle Management Tools
• Erwin or Enterprise Architect

5+yrs experience

6. Role Progression

7. Development Options
The typical Training & Development associated with this role include:
10% formal training
BAE Systems run courses
Lifecycle Management
Managing High Performance Teams
Leading for Total Performance

Externally run courses
Value Flow Quality (Agile Practitioner)


Books 24x7 Service Delivery content

Please visit SuccessFactors Learning Pages for to access the above e-learning and e-books and more

Recommended Professional Qualifications

20% learning from others
The Phoenix Project – Gene Kim
Scrum – Jeff Sutherland
Lean Startup – Eric Rees

Product Conferences
DevOps Conference

70% learning on the job

Recommended Project Experience
Written Papers
Blogs and Articles

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Interested applicants are invited to write-in / fax-in / email with comprehensive resume including current and expected salary to:

level 14-02, 199, jalan tun ra
50400, kuala lumpur
kuala lumpur


Job Ref.
: Intellect-Minds – Kuala Lump
Employment Type
: Any Type
No of Vacancies
: 1
Min. Qualification
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