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Intellect Minds is a Singapore-based company since 2008, specializing in talent acquisition, application development, and training.We serve BIG MNCs and well-known clients in talent acquisition, application development, and training needs for Singapore,Malaysia, Brunei,Vietnam and Thailand.
Salesforce Administrator
( Kul. Lumpur )
Job Descriptions

Company Overview

Intellect Minds is a Singapore-based company since 2008, specializing in talent acquisition, application development, and training. We serve BIG MNCs and well-known clients in talent acquisition, application development, and training needs for Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and Thailand.

Our client is an establish company a, leader within their industry, is now looking for a Salesforce Administrator to join their esteemed organization.

Job Description :

Role Purpose

Product Engineers operate, change and grow software that has either been developed, customized or configured to add value to the customer. This is a multi-functional role that works with a Product Team to deliver business value through a high quality product using optimized-flow delivery models based on Agile practices such as Scrum and Kanban.

Product Engineers will be involved in supporting users, defining new features and functionality and implementing change under the guidance and servant leadership of the Product Owner, Product Architect and the Product Delivery Lead. Product Engineers will work in a highly collaborative, visible and measured environment and will stimulate experimentation, innovation and continuous improvement.

Product Engineers will have a deep understanding of Salesforce Administration and ideally Sales Cloud and/or Salesforce CPQ and how the platform is configured for the business, they will live and breathe the Agile manifesto and will use processes, tools and culture to continuously improve what they do and how they work for the delight of the customer. Adding value everyday will be a key goal.

Job Requirements

Common Role Accountabilities

The Product Administrator will

Support a regular cadence of updates and hotfixes for products across multiple platforms: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Marketo, IMPartner
Daily administration and support of Salesforce application, including system configuration, data setup and
ongoing maintenance.
Manages administration, including but not limited to: user roles, security, profiles, fields/relationships, workflow rules, processes & flows, page layouts, validation rules, email templates, Sales Content, custom buttons.
Have accountability for developing, configuring & supporting module of a product
Adhere to Standards and Legislation and demonstrate compliance with these to auditors.
Defines the technical direction of a suite of functional capabilities or modules to the Product Management Team and implement these as part of a self-organising team
Review establish and adhere to appropriate governance and configuration control
Trend analysis and monitoring of incidents and problems in order to define, design and implement corrective and preventative solutions
Influences customers to evolve their business based on technology advancements
Have end to end system understanding and its relationship with the external eco-system
Work with suppliers, customer, team members, senior leaders and industry peers to continuously improve delivery
Documents technical business requirements /problems into format that business can understand and works with the Product Owner in the development of Business Cases and Best Practice solutions.
Contribute to protecting the products from technical debt and process debt and designs the system architecture to adapt to future change.
Defines, designs and implements systems integrations working with external projects and programmes.
A deep understanding in process frameworks like ITIL, Prince2 and Agile with experience in executing these in a highly automotive, high velocity output and consistently changing operational environment
Understands and optimises the end-to-end system
Will provide out of hours support for Severity 1 and 2 incidents in order to meet agreed Service Level Agreements. (with appropriate out of hours compensation in line with company policy)
Be flexible in terms of hours of work to enable a 3-4 hour overlap with the UK normal working time. (with appropriate overtime payments in line with company policy)

This Lead Product Engineer will also bring:

Direction on how the product should be built and supported
Collaborative, team focussed and fun environment
Drives imagination and experimentation across the team
Mentors the Product Engineers within the team
Excellent communications skills with the ability to tell stories, draw pictures and document what you have done so others can understand, pick up from you and learn.
Experience in behaviour-driven design.
Passion for the product by remaining up-to-date with latest developments, the product roadmap and vendor strategy.
Passion for doing things differently by challenging the norm and inspiring others to do the same through facilitating a culture of trust openness and honesty.
There will be a little bit of an obsession when it comes to the configuration control, ergonomics and aesthetics, user experience and customer perception of your product. You need to set the standards.

Grade/Level Specific Accountabilities

Product dependent could affect the grade of the role

Typical Knowledge, Skills and Technology Requirements

The typical skills and technology required for this role include:




Must Have:

Knows Salesforce Administration, specifically Security, Approvals Workflows, Process Builder, Validaiton Rules, etc.
Sales Cloud
Salesforce Roadmap and vendor strategy; what it does, how it works and how it is used by the industry.
Knows the business; what they need, how they work and what they may want
Knows how to build and support the product
Knows how to work in high performance teams and be results-orientated.

Salesforce CPQ.

Must Have:

Salesforce Security
Certified Salesforce Administrator
Salesforce Sales Cloud. Understand in-depth standard capabilities
User Acceptance Testing.
Data Management.
Support & Service Operations.
Business Analysis.
Good Communication Skills.


Agile, Scrum, Kanban
Release Management.
Salesforce CPQ, IMPartner, Marketo
Use of Automated testing tools.
Ergonomic and User-Centric Design.
Governance and Control.
Product Management.
Must Have:

3+ Experience Administering a Salesforce Platform.
Understanding of, Visualforce, Apex
Sales Cloud -
Jira, Service Now, Support Works.


Use of Kanban Boards or Software Lifecycle Management Tools.
Cofig Management Tools.
DevOps technologies (e.g. Docker, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, etc.)

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Interested applicants are invited to write-in / fax-in / email with comprehensive resume including current and expected salary to:

level 14-02, 199, jalan tun ra
50400, kuala lumpur
kuala lumpur


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: Intellect-Minds – Kuala Lump
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: Any Type
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: 1
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